Di Subs can be found at the same location since 1986, on the corner of Andrews Ave with 3rd Street. One of our team members still jokes about the days when she started working and Andrews was a dirt road. That happened 27 years ago!

We don’t really have a certain type or standard recipes for our subs, we let you decide what you would like to eat. From our tuna salad which is made fresh every morning to our Italian combo to the rarest roast beef, you can mix them all. And believe us, over the years we’ve seen the most unusual combinations and even put 5 layers of different meats on top of each other. We slice everything right in front of your eyes, nothing is made in advance.

Our hoagies are delivered daily, fresh out of the oven, from a local Italian bakery who’s also been in business for over 40 years.
Our meats and cheeses are the finest, premium deli , because we do not compromise just like our provider who is leader on the market through its exceptional customer service and superior quality delicatessen products for over a century.

We care about the products that we serve to our customers and that is what makes Di Subs different.

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